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Almost immediately, they became much cheaper because of the dramatic reduction in the labor component built into the price.Working with fine yarn on thin needles, a hand-knitter could produce two pairs of stockings a week.[v] By contrast, knitting frames could work much more rapidly, producing between twenty-five and thirty pairs of stockings per week.[vi] The lower price and the increased demand set the stage for the development of what would quickly become an “industry” in the modern sense, and the use of “stocking frames” became wide-spread by the middle of the seventeenth century, more than a hundred years before the mechanization of other parts of the textile industry.One thing that we do know about them is that they were knitted on a machine; although we tend to associate the Industrial Revolution with technologies related to woven textiles, knitted textiles, particularly stockings, were in the vanguard of the Industrial Revolution.People of all classes in Europe, both men and women, had worn stockings since the beginning of the Middle Ages.[i] Until the early seventeenth century, stockings were made by hand, either knitted or sewn out of pieces of woven cloth.[ii] Knitted stockings were preferred because the greater elasticity of the fabric allowed a skilled knitter to fashion a stocking that would fit the leg and foot more neatly than a stocking that was sewn.Rumors have circulated persistently this week that the Golden State Warriors star has either dumped or been stepping out on Thompson with Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

On the other hand, Thompson had just signed a four-year max contract extension worth million with the Before this GSW star, Stocking was linked to Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers.It appears the relationship between Houston Texans defensive end J. Watt and Houston Dash star Kealia Ohai is getting pretty serious.Serious enough that Watt appeared to have placed a Christmas stocking for his girlfriend on the mantle in his home.So, she is far more successful at using the Internet than I am. Since October 2014, Thompson and Stocking had been spotted together here and there and on social media.Stocking’s social media fame has built up to over 1.3 million Instagram followers, over 70,000 Twitter followers and over 700,000 vine followers.Recently, rumors have been spread about Thompson, claiming he broke up with Stocking to be with Kerrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend.Stocking’s twitter account has been rather dormant as this gossip has accumulated, but on Saturday she fired off a cryptic tweet that many interpreted as her addressing the Karrueche Tran situation.Stocking has become extremely popular on social media as a model and has been sponsored by various companies selling fitness and beauty products.There, Stocking is pursuing her modeling career as seen in her Instagram posts located around the Hollywood area.Stocking can often be seen in photos partying in Las Vegas or immersed in the LA scene.

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