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We become so enamored with his gear, what he’s riding and where he’s riding it that, similar to other aspects of surf culture we get sucked into a copycat mentality – ditching our own unique style because we want to follow in the footsteps of those we appreciate.

In some ways that kills the whole point of surfing.

One board in particular, a prototype model by Tomo, was the same board Kelly rode in his now famous best man made wave ever video that was released last month.Young guns Makai Mc Namara, Mason Ho, and Eala Stewart all put on remarkable displays, representing Hawaii's next generation well.But they also inflicted some damage on their local legends.Of course the new rendition has a modern makeover, keeping its roots as your step up board when it’s firing.Kelly Slater found his way back in the winner's circle for the first time in two years with a victory at the Volcom Pipe Pro, going the distance in an epic showdown that took place in picture-perfect conditions.Heading into the final day, only Jamie O'Brien, Kelly Slater, and John John Florence have earned them, with John John being especially greedy with four.However, at a QS3000 event in Hawaii the hidden threats are everywhere, beginning right at home with the locals, who did their usual job of nabbing the a good chunk of the spotlight.It should be noted that Florence was putting on his usual Pipe clinic right up until his Quarterfinal loss.Meanwhile, Mc Namara's most impressive feat came in the Semis.In other ways that sums up a massive chunk of the surfing population.Wow, I sound like I’m about to bash this entire moment – the big reveal of Kelly Slater’s first line of boards from Slater Designs. Slater Designs announced they’d be showing off a few select models before boards hit the open market later this spring.

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