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In the last installment of “The Postman’s Gifts,” titled “The Elevator,” Wood struggles to deliver a package to Natalia Dyer of Stranger Things, who’s trouncing around in a hotel in party clothes and a crown.He squeezes into an elevator with her and dives into his “honor to deliver” spiel, with constant interruptions from other revelers gliding in and out as the elevator goes about its business, flanked by a mechanical voice.The films were made for escapist, single-setting viewing, and to be frank it’s perhaps more pleasurable to watch them thus; seeing them all like this, in an abstract pack, doesn’t add much.But there’s something to be said for losing a minute or two of post-holiday time to watch other people extract so much joy from opening a present, or in taking something expensive and new and using it in ways pragmatism dictates we shouldn’t.

While Wood is no longer present (supposedly he’s dreaming all this), the music remains: “Sealed with a Kiss,” brought to you by Christian Wargo.

Wood gives a very subtle, internal performance opposite the more boisterous, colorful Jones, and a scene where Brinnin tells a horror story is absolutely hypnotic. That [director] Andy Goddard wanted to shoot it in black and white provided an exciting vision, and he made it evocative of Dylan’s work in the spirit and tone of the film…that electricity. I connected with him when I was young because of his macabre worldview and the horror genre. It was really the only scene where John reveals himself and his vulnerability and personal life experience.

I became fascinated with him as a human, but I’m not sure how pleasant the experience of spending a day with him would be. That’s what transpires—Thomas changes his worldview. Flippancy is said to be a character trait of John Brinnin’s. It was the only time I could open up about who this person was, and what was lying underneath John, someone who keeps his cards close to his vest.

He finally catches up to her in an abandoned stadium, where she quite happily opens her gift.“The Punch” features Amber Valletta, smack in the middle of confronting a boyfriend for his infidelity.

Wood arrives in time to witness a climactic punch—the perfect moment, I guess, to present her with a stylin’ white Galleria bag.

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