Vodafone blackberry validating account expire

The communication device may have a data or message synchronization application (e.g.

for e-mail messages or calendar items), a Web browser or Internet search application, a voice telephony application, as examples, or combinations thereof.

If verification of the digital signature at the application server site is successful, the communication device will receive access to an application service of the application server site.

In one variation, the HTTP cookie is alternatively set with a group identification of a group with which the user is associated, and the message portion is signed with a digital signature of the group.

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Keyboard 114, which may be a telephone type keypad or full alphanumeric keyboard, is normally provided for entering data for storage in mobile station 102, information for transmission to network 104, a telephone number to place a telephone call, commands to be executed on mobile station 102, and possibly other or different user inputs.

The same or similar problems may exist in connection with other environments, networks, and devices.

According to one illustrative example of the present disclosure, a method in a communication device adapted for communications using Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) involves setting, at the communication device, an HTTP cookie which includes a user identification of a user of the communication device and a message portion which is signed with a digital signature of the user.

The group may be, for example, a plurality of users associated with a service provider which provides the communication device with access to a communication service in the communication network.

In this case, the HTTP cookie may include a token retrieved from the service provider, where the token includes the digital signature of the service provider.

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