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Enter: Host/Name: @ (This means that the record is pointed at your own domain.Some editors will require the "@" symbol, some will require you to enter your own domain, and others will not let you enter anything.For most users, you will not be adding or changing any MX records in your domain's DNS.The only reason why you would change or add an MX record for use with Elastic Email is if you are using Inbound Email Notifications which are webhooks that are part of our HTTP API.An MX Record is a perfect(Route-Map) address of any domain(usually Email Receiver).So, when a user want to send an email to another user then user’s mail server must know the receiver IP address. When DNS gets this request then DNS search for the request related Receiver records. In this blog post, we are going to clean email list on the basis of MX-Record.Using your own domain has many advantages and Elastic Email requires it if you wish to send more than 50 emails a day.

Host/Name:_dmarc Value: v=DMARC1;p=reject;pct=100;rua=mailto:[email protected];ruf=mailto:[email protected] click here to view a list of the most popular tags available for your DMARC policy as above are only examples.

Further, a DMARC policy on your domain(s) will affect all of your email sending from that domain (not just the mail you are sending through Elastic Email) so you need to ensure you are using SPF and DKIM for all your email delivery. The following are example DMARC TXT entries to set up on your domain(s) DNS.

Option 1- Setup your DMARC policy to simply notify you of mail that is not passing SPF and DKIM Host/Name:_dmarc Value: v=DMARC1;p=none;pct=100;rua=mailto:[email protected];ruf=mailto:[email protected] 2- When you are no longer receiving negative reports, change your DMARC policy to quarantine which will not necessarily bounce email, but indicate to the recipient server they should consider quarantining it (junk or spam folder).

If another CNAME is used please contact support to get it validated.

We strongly recommend using our DMARC Generator - it will help you create DMARC record suited for your domain.

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