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One way to validate data is to create a model schema; Loop Back will then ensure that data conforms to that schema definition. The following code defines a schema and assigns it to the product model.

The schema defines two properties: name, a required string property and price, an optional number property. Rather than modifying the error responses returned by the server, you can localize the error message on the client.

Note that when deferred fields are accessed, the loading of the deferred field’s value happens through this method.

Thus it is possible to customize the way deferred loading happens.

This may be desirable if you want to update just one or a few fields on an object.

There will be a slight performance benefit from preventing all of the model fields from being updated in the database. This only deletes the object in the database; the Python instance will still exist and will still have data in its fields.

The relationship between two entities can be disabled as can the primary key index, allowing a relationship to have a disabled primary key in the parent object and an enabled foreign key in the child object, and vice versa.

If you create a new object with an explicit primary-key value that already exists in the database, Django will assume you’re changing the existing record rather than creating a new one. If you’re using Postgre SQL, the sequence associated with the primary key might need to be updated; see The one gotcha here is that you should be careful not to specify a primary-key value explicitly when saving new objects, if you cannot guarantee the primary-key value is unused.

For more on this nuance, see Explicitly specifying auto-primary-key values above and Forcing an INSERT or UPDATE below.

In Django 1.5 and earlier, Django did a update at the same time!

Validating the model also eases the process of model correction and review.

More than 50 checks validate either the logical or physical model for problems such as missing object definitions, unused domains, identical unique indexes, and circular relationships.

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