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That’s why I left “Move the contents of Start Menu to the new location” checked in the Settings tab for the redirection policy.

RDP to the server and log in with the temporary user. Those are visible in the left most column, ungrouped.I created the following folder structure: I shared the “Redirection” folder.No additional settings for this share have been changed here.The next step is based on Windows 2012 RDS but works on Windows 2012 R2 RDS as well.There’s a different method available that works on Windows 2012 R2 RDS only, but I’m not going into that right now.Delete the Maintenance, System Tools, Windows Accessories, and Windows Ease of Access folders, including all items they may contain.Since the basic structure is now in place, let’s clean up a little bit before proceeding.This is probably too much, but since it’s a temporary user I don’t care about that. Log on to the Full Desktop using the temporary user to redirect the contents of the default Start Menu to the redirected Start Menu folder structure.Check the redirected Start Menu folder structure: When this structure is completed, log off the temporary user.The second option we’ll leave checked now, I’ll show you why a little later. Navigate to User Configuration - Remove common program groups from Start Menu. Link the Group Policy Object to the Remote Desktop Services OU: Exclude the Domain Administrators group from this policy (Deny Apply policy in the Delegation tab and then clicking Advanced).The redirected folder structure needs to meet specific requirements.

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