Updating sarge to etch asp net dating site source code

As I don't log my uploads, I don't know what is exactly broken. I should wait for the next britney run (tomorrow (UTC 0200)) to know if these new packages can enter in testing. The URL for files is : Were section is main or non-free.

Send me an email if you find a broken file, I'll fix that. 07/02/2011 : Oldstable is completely broken and I can't restore this release, so the best is to remove Oldstable. If yes I'll move these packages, so in meantime you must wait. distro is etch, lenny, squeeze, sid for oldstable, stable, testing, unstable.

Install the Apache version you prefer and the PHP module for that Apache version. For example, using apt-get: The Media Wiki installation should now be done.

For example, to install Apache 2 and the PHP module for it using apt-get: As mediawiki is not in sarge, you need to get it from etch or unstable. Remember: if you are not familiar with APT and temporarily added Etch sources above, now is the time to remove them.

Bad news, contrib is needed for the new libvdpau1 package.26/04/2015 : As Debian my repository has been updated for Jessie. Of course people should move to the new domain name right now.06/02/2015 : Maybe I went too quickly to my new GPG key. 04/07/2012 : Aptitude and Hash Sum mismatch issue aptitude (for amd64 only) doesn't work anymore with my repository and return 'Hash Sum mismatch' errors.To subscribe to dmo-discussion send an e-mail to with subscribe in the subject. I'm waiting for a replacement and then I'll restore all data. 18/03/2010 : New GNU/k Free BSD i386 packages for unstable and testing.Some packages aren't available : 17/02/2010 : non-free packages.Configuration is done at (substitute localhost with your hostname).During the configuration it will do some preliminary checks to see that it can run Media Wiki and the required applications are installed.I'll put in non-free all packages without source code. This list is for general discussion about deb-multimedia (packages, bugs, idea, etc).To subscribe : send subscribe in the subject at the folloing address .Otherwise I forgot to backup the mailing list data, so I lost people subscribed to dmo-changes and dmo-discussion and thus you must subscribe again to that list.To subscribe to dmo-changes send an e-mail to with subscribe in the subject.

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