Troy aikman dating country singer

When it comes to football, his pursuit of perfection is almost pathological. Each night he reads his playbook, watches the first few minutes of Jay Leno, and then goes to bed.

During the season, he lives in a kind of self-imposed exile. “You learn pretty quickly with Troy that it’s better to go out with him during the off-season,” says a Dallas model who has dated him. The nuts and bolts of his brain tighten down.” Even at minor practices, he operates at full throttle, and he does not hide his disgust for teammates who make sloppy mental mistakes.

“I know all great athletes are driven to succeed, but I promise you, Troy’s drive is… Yes, in many respects, Aikman acts like your typical American guy. He talks about getting married someday and having four children. He makes many unpublicized visits to sick kids, and last year he was named the NFL’s Man of the Year for his charitable work (the Troy Aikman Foundation builds high-tech interactive playrooms at children’s hospitals around the country).

But what the public rarely sees is the part of his personality that is so fiercely competitive that he sometimes bewilders other players and coaches.

On a conference table is the most valuable player award he received after the 1993 Super Bowl.

On a credenza is the bronzed Davey O’Brien award given to him for the 1988 season, when he was named the best quarterback in college football.

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When Williams ran the same wrong pattern during a game, Aikman went into another rage once he got to the sidelines, screaming and pointing his finger at him.

When he goes to dinner, women ask him to autograph their underwear or their breasts.

They try to find out where he lives so that they can break into his home or jump his backyard fence and swim in his pool.

He does not whisper a word of public criticism about the Cowboys’ unpredictable owner, Jerry Jones, who told a national TV audience that Aikman “looks good in the shower.” What he plans to do, he says, is write inspirational books for children about his career—the kind of books about sports stars he once read as a boy.

His first kids’ book, consists mostly of photographs and a few bland quotes.

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