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Location: Tokyo, Japan Duration: 2 hours You have seen it on Social Media, now it's your turn to try it!Re-discover Tokyo riding our custom made street go-karts dressed up in your favorite ...Location: Shinagawa, Japan Duration: 120 to 240 mins Spend your day with us browsing Ningyocho, a charming neighborhood known for its special, traditional souvenirs and goods made right here in Japan and get ...Location: Tokyo, Japan Duration: 3 hours Turn a critical lens on Japan's modernist architecture during this 3-hour walking tour of Tokyo, including Harajuku, Omotesando and Roppongi. Location: Tokyo, Japan Duration: 3 hours See some of Japan's strongest men as they conduct their morning practice on this 3-hour visit to a sumo stable. Location: Tokyo, Japan Duration: 3 hours Package deal of admission to Robot show and lunch/dinner at KAWAII MONSTER CAFE!Enjoy an uniquely designed meal at colorful and gorgeous KAWAII MONSTER CAFE ...Location: Tokyo, Japan Duration: 5 hours Your day starts with the chance to observe a sumo wrestling practice session.Learn about the behind-the-scene stories and daily life of a real sumo wrestler while enjoying ...Location: Taito, Japan Duration: 2 hours Take a walk on the wild side with an evening tour through Shinjuku, Tokyo’s famous entertainment district, and get a local's look into the best shopping and ...

This tour will take you to visit the popular Ghibli Museum . Location: Tokyo, Japan Duration: 7 hours Meet your guide who will escort you into an exclusive and fascinating world with a visit to a sumo training center to observe a morning practice session. Location: Tokyo, Japan Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes If you want to see the highlights of beautiful Kyoto but have limited time, zip there and back by bullet train (Shinkansen) on this full-day tour from Tokyo. Location: Tokyo, Japan Duration: 12 hours 30 minutes This owl cafe in the center of Akihabara has a unique atmosphere - more like a theme-park attraction than an animal cafe. Location: Chiyoda, Japan Duration: 60 minutes Climb aboard a traditional Japanese rickshaw for an unforgettable view of the Asakusa district in Tokyo.In August 2010 the Humboldt penguin of Chile and Peru, was granted protection under the U. After the egg hatched, the two penguins raised, protected, cared for, and fed the chick in the same manner that heterosexual penguin couples raise their own offspring.A further example of this kind of behavior came in 2014, when Jumbs and Kermit, two Humboldt Penguins at Wingham Wildlife Park became the center of international media attention as two males who had pair bonded a number of years earlier and then successfully hatched and reared an egg given to them as surrogate parents after the mother abandoned it half way through incubation. One of the 135 Humboldt penguins from Tokyo Sea Life Park (Kasai Rinkai Suizokuen) thrived in Tokyo Bay for 82 days after apparently scaling the 4 metre high wall and managing to get through a barbed-wire fence into the bay.Penguins are also declining in numbers due to habitat destruction including by invasive species.The current population is estimated at between 3,300 and 12,000. In 2009 at the Bremerhaven Zoo in Germany, two adult male Humboldt penguins adopted an egg that had been abandoned by its biological parents.Location: Shibuya, Japan Duration: 4 hours You have seen it on Social Media, now it's your turn to try it!Location: Tokyo, Japan Duration: 120 to 240 mins This private 8-hour tour gives you the ability to plan the day your way, including a guide if that option is selected. Sumo is an ancient sport dating back some 1,500 years. Location: Tokyo, Japan Duration: 7 hours Spend up to 3-hours taking a Manga lesson from a professional Japanese Manga artist in English.This lesson can be adjusted to suit the student’s skill level, ...Location: Nakano, Japan Duration: 2 to 3 hrs This tour gives you your very own kabuki guide to explain the history and evolution of this unique stage art.You will appreciate the performance to a greater ...

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