Tips for dating a transman

I learned after we broke up that she was much more upset about my waiting to tell her than she initially let on. She is not particularly outwardly-emotive, so I wasn’t expecting a lot of enthusiasm.

She told me she supported me and that was what I wanted to hear.

On the other hand I get why most straight woman would not want to date me.

Leo: Coming out to my partner wasn’t difficult at all.

After we broke up I hit what I call the Trans Walls, where I needed to face the fact that was was not living and if I didn’t transition I was going to kill myself. When we met my wife identified as straight, I know that I am very lucky.

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Sometimes it happens so fast (illness, a new job, a new birth or death in the family), that there’s no way to be prepared.

I kind of had one of those “thought out loud” type of moment.

We were laying in bed about to go to sleep when I was thinking about how to tell her and it just came out.

But she also is very much an internal processor, so even if she had been troubled, I’m not sure how much of that would have come out at first.

She identified as queer as well, and had a history of dating cis men, so I think to her, the change was not threatening in any way.

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