Terrorism a global phenomenon mandating a unified international response

The US also has a lot to gain by lessening tensions with Russia.

This could eventually pave the way for a future free trade zone and visa-free travel from Lisbon to Vladivostok, complementing Euro-Pacific civilization.This runaway policy now risks provoking Russia to humanely intervene in Eastern and Southern Ukraine to protect its threatened compatriots there, possibly repeating the Crimean reunification scenario and resulting in even more zero-sum losses for the West.It is now high time for the US to stop its shenanigans and pragmatically retreat from the crisis.This appears to already be in motion, since the junta has moved against Sashko Bilyi (who was killed after shooting at police) and now may ban the entire Pravy Sector.Even though this would put it at odds with the neo-Nazi militia and possibly result in terrorist attacks against the junta and regular civilians, it is a step in the right direction for stabilizing the situation in Ukraine.The recent Lavrov-Kerry talks brought forward the idea of Ukraine’s federalization, which is the only pragmatic political resolution of the crisis.Speaking before his meeting with Kerry, Lavrov said that such a solution “would grant each region sweeping powers in the fields of economy, finance, culture, language, and education, as well as external economic and cultural ties with neighbouring countries or regions, where all minority rights would be ensured.” Federalization would thus shield the Russian-affiliated East and South from Kiev’s central dictates and actually increase direct democracy in the country.US political and strategic carelessness created the situation where fascist militias like Pravy Sector rove the country and terrorize its citizens, so it is only appropriate that it work on correcting this human rights mistake.A neutral Ukraine, as recommended by Lavrov, is another pragmatic path to follow.The chaos and uncertainty born out of the coup resulted in Crimea overwhelmingly voting to reunify with the Russian Federation, forever removing America’s hope of establishing a strategic NATO base in Sevastopol.Instead of succeeding with its plan for control over a unified Ukraine, the US’ failed disorganized strategy is breaking the country apart.

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