Teens dating 1920 s

While holidaying at a plush resort, Edna Purviance’s society lady mistakes the Little Tramp for her cocktail-swigging husband, and who can blame her, when Charlie Chaplin plays both roles.

The Idle Class plays the mistaken identity plot as farce – a decade later Chaplin would wring heartbreak from the same confusion in City Lights (1931).

And if you’re a fan of roaring 20s fashion, Purviance’s wardrobe is a thing of splendour – a pair of art deco-embellished stockings among its highlights.

Here, the city is a playground, and a land of opportunity for rich and poor.

While we’re rooting for Pop and his tram vs the money-men, Lloyd’s ultimate aim is not to preserve the rickety old bus but to get a better payout for his girlfriend’s grandfather so he can retire and they can set up home together. (1923), the bespectacled boy-next-door takes on the bewildering big city and triumphs.

Take a moment to admire the sets designed by future Powell If you were rich, American and bohemian in the Jazz Age, you doubtless gravitated to Paris.

And when these high-living Prohibition exiles needed a break from the city, they travelled south to party on the French Riviera.

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