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Try to imagine this happening for on the Today Show in the USA! v=a_T0p GF0c6Q&eurl= was performing with folks like Vinnie and Jeff Beck while still in her teens. Those are folks who can play with anybody they choose. So everyone was off the stage except me at this theater in front of 5,000 people. It just feels so right to be playing and performing for people that the fear sort of escapes me a lot of the time. One day I walked past a guitar, I looked at it and thought, "I need to play that." I don't know why.

Back in 2006, the tenacious Tal Wilkenfeld arrived in New York City toting a guitar and a dream.In 2008, Wilkenfeld was voted "The Year's Most Exciting New Player" in a Paul walker who is he dating 2015 magazine readers' choice poll. After a few months she accepted an endorsement from ; devoting herself to forming a band and composing songs of her own.In 2004, at age 18, she moved to and began making a name for herself in New York's jazz clubs.Tal Wilkenfeld is so impressive and she and Vinnie have a marvelous chemistry on everything I've heard them do. I don't know if Tal has any idea who I am, but I've certainly followed her career for a while and I own her cd too. Again, it's not about gender, or age, or hype....it's about musicianship. I also learned more about her than I knew before watching this clip. Oh man, how can anyone have anything bad to say about Tal's playing especially considering her age? Keith Carlock is playing a couple of tracks....good. People like Tal, Hannah, Thomas Pridgen, Tony Royster, etc......young musicians that have accomplished so much in little time. She was on the way down in the elevator and told me we should play "Immigrant Song".We were going on in ten minutes and had no time to rehearse.Not a lot of camera work on Vinnie but the playing is top notch heavy doo-do. The musicianship all around is stunning and the mix is way beyond what you'd expect from television (strap on those headphones if you can). And if you had, how would you feel to have your accomplishments publicly slagged? At least she's putting her energy into being a serious musician, rather than a pseudo-stripper like Britney Spears. EDIT: I see the most bitter remarks have now been removed. You're shifting away from your past as an instrumental musician. I've been working on new music with the same band, which is Blake Mills, who I'm sure you're familiar with, Benmont Tench from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on keys and Jeremy Stacey on drums. It's really a privilege to have this sort of opportunity as a songwriter with one of the best songwriters alive.We've also been recording some stuff at Jackson Browne's studio. He doesn't like when I say "mentor" because he says that he likes to see me as a peer. And every time I write a new song he's the first person I play the song to and ask, "Did you like it? How did you end up sitting in with the Allman Brothers back when you first moved to New York?

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