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Tony Awards host and star, Kevin Spacey has also been the center of gay rumors.

I recently spent a Saturday morning strolling around a downtown market with an old friend. We walked along the stalls, taking in the eccentric atmosphere, chatting about life.

From 2011 to 2013, she co-starred as Detective Jocelyn Carter in the CBS drama Person of Interest, for which she won an NAACP Image Award.

Henson went on to star in the ensemble film Think Like a Man (2012) and its 2014 sequel.

actor is only 23 years old and he’s been keeping busy being a Broadway star, and all.

If there is a mystery woman, she’s unknown to us, but now that Platt is making his mark and showing off his star potential, he may find that special someone sooner, rather than later! The play is about an anxiety-plagued teen (Platt), who is paralyzed by the connectivity of social media and is forced to watch the world from the outside, while he looks in.

That’s something everybody can relate to.”Platt, gushed over his long time adoration for Streep, and cherishes what he picked up on from the famed actress.

That statement made me drop the cantaloupe I was examining at a fruit stand. In her own roundabout way, she told me that she expected her partner to be at least a doctor (or, if she had to settle, maybe a lawyer).

The sun was shining, familiar jokes had left a smile etched on my face and I just couldn't get over the deals I was seeing (three green peppers for a dollar?! As conversations held by females in their mid-twenties sometimes do, our chat turned to dating.

My friend, a dedicated medical school student who fits the type-A personality description to the fullest, started explaining about how she thought guys were intimidated by her.

I sighed to myself, thinking about how staying inclusive to your perceived class was such an awful concept. Through friends of friends, I had met a nice guy a few weeks earlier. I nervously asked myself if I was engaging in the class-exclusive mindset, just like the friend I had scoffed moments before?

After calming myself down, I realized that I didn't have class warfare on the brain.

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