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Each year, Switzerland has the opportunity to propose to UNESCO a new tradition to be added to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.The objective of this list is to promote cultural diversity, protecting in particular social practices, festive rituals or specific know-how.UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage aims to protect the living traditions and know-how of local communities.Eight Swiss traditions have been chosen to be put forward for this recognition, which is already enjoyed by the Vevey winegrowers' festival, among others.The celebrations lasted only one day in 1797 but the most recent festivals lasted two full weeks.Held just once in a generation, the next festival will take place in 2019.Possible commitment phobe At least that is what some of you have said, including Indian expat Dhruti, despite that fact that she is engaged to an Austrian. We first heard about them from one of our readers, who we fear may have experienced a bad break-up recently: “They're attractive, smart and funny… Yesterday they loved you, the next day they’re not interested, soon they’re pretending they can’t remember your name and then they’re cheating on you.She feels that many Austrian men are afraid of long-term relationships and taking on the responsibility of a family - as well as the prospect of having to share their income with their spouse. usually Austrians tend to be well-educated and polite - and men like to be chivalrous, holding open doors for a woman and helping her with her coat. Six months later they are back and crying that you are the love of their life.” Ouch.

One French reader, Valerie, says Austrian men don't know the first thing about seduction, and she misses flirtation and men making eye contact with her on the street. Shy and not that good at flirting Katia Farias, a Brazilian journalist and blogger who lives in Vienna and has been married to an Austrian for five years says he is “funny, loyal, and kind” but warns that it may take some perseverance to snag your Austrian man as they are hopeless at flirting and tend to give off an “I’m not interested” signal.

As a former smoker, it’s a real turn-off”, says British expat Chris.

However, he adds that Austrian women do make the effort to take care of themselves and generally appear well groomed.

People meet in pubs and restaurants to exchange good wishes for the new year.

In Hallwil in the canton of Aargau one can still witness the As the Berchtoldstag is an Alemannic tradition, it is usually only celebrated in areas that boast a predominantly Alemannic population.

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