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Statistics show that the fatality rates in car accidents are highest on rural roads in the states that don't make drivers and passengers to wear their seatbelts.In contrast, accident fatality rates are lower in states that require strapping oneself in with a seatbelt.For some, it may be difficult to understand the arguments of states without seatbelt laws.Essentially, the argument of such states comes down not to a dispute as to whether it’s safer to use seatbelts, but instead the reasoning tends to hinge on the concept of free choice.The researchers conclude that increased seatbelt use does reduce the number of people who are killed in car crashes without increasing risk-taking motivated by a false sense of security.

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The researchers found no change in accident-fatalities among bicyclists and pedestrians who do not have access to seatbelts.

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This view of behavior regarding seatbelt use presumes that the fatality rate among bicyclists and pedestrians, for example, increases as a greater number of drivers use their safety restraint because they exercise less care when driving.

The Harvard study found that increased seatbelt usage did result in a reduction in traffic-related fatalities among drivers of vehicles equipped with seatbelts, but there was no evidence to support the notion that drivers were induced to drive more carelessly or inattentively because they were restrained.

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