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Questionnaires can contain both open questions and closed questions and participants record their own answers.

Interviews are a type of spoken questionnaire where the interviewer records the responses.

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Social desirability bias can be a big problem with self-report measures as participants often answer in a way to portray themselves in a good light.Questionnaires and interviews are often able to study large samples of people fairly easy and quickly.They are able to examine a large number of variables and can ask people to reveal behaviour and feelings which have been experienced in real situations.Despite the recent development in radiometric dating of numerous zircons by LA-ICPMS, mineral separation still remains a major obstacle, particularly in the search for the oldest material on Earth.To improve the efficiency in zircon separation by an order of magnitude, we have designed/developed a new machine – an automatic zircon separator (AZS).Patients might also simply be mistaken or misremember the material covered by the survey.Questionnaires are a type of self-report method which consist of a set of questions usually in a highly structured written form.3800 checked grains, and 9 grains were over 4300 Ma with the oldest at 4371 ± 7 Ma.This separation system by AZS, combined with the new approaches, guarantees much higher yield in the hunt for old zircons.Greater exposure to writing in all its different forms provides us with a larger and richer vocabulary, as well as the contextual experience that can help us anticipate upcoming words and make inferences regarding the meaning of words or phrases we don't immediately recognize.In fact, data suggest that the most effective 'speed readers' are actually effective skimmers who already have considerable familiarity with the topic at hand and are thus able to pick out key points quickly.

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