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Born Keanu Charles Reeves in Beirut, Lebanon, to Patricia Reeves (nee Taylor), an English costume designer and performer from Essex, and Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr, an American man from Hawaii on 2 September 1964, Reeves grew up around Chinese art, furniture, and cuisine, as his father is of Chinese, English, Native Hawaiian, and Portuguese ancestry.While selling heroin at the Hilo International Airport, Hawaii, Keanu’s father was arrested and imprisoned. He abandoned his wife and family when Keanu Reeves was only 3.

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Speed is currently dating a college friend, named Chase.Bomber terrorist's elevator plan backfires, so he rigs a bomb to a LA city bus.The stipulation is: once armed, the bus must stay above 50 mph to keep from exploding.On April 7, 2014, Trippy released a nine-minute video to the CTFx C channel, revealing that he and Speed were not happy in their relationship and that they were separating indefinitely. The split of Speed and Trippy was highly publicized, and was responded to by many fans as well as other You Tubers.Among the fan-base of the CTFx C, many believed that either Speed or Trippy were unfaithful in the relationship, or that one of them did not want children while the other did.In attendance were many other You Tube personalities who video blogged at the event, leading many to believe that the wedding was viewed by more than 10 million people.During Trippy's struggle with cancer, it is believed that Speed was named the sole proprietor of the CTFx C channel, though this was never confirmed by either party.See more » Speed is one of my favorite action movies of all time, just a notch below contemporaries like Terminator 2 and Die Hard.The premise is so simple that it's almost a parody of movie pitches (Homer Simpson's line was "I saw this movie about a bus that had to SPEED around a city, keeping its SPEED over fifty, and if its SPEED dropped, it would explode!When Jack and Harry are on the top of the building at the start, Jack climbs up a ladder and proceeds to walk along to the crane.In one shot he moves the big gun round to his back, and in the following shot the big gun is still in front of him.

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