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soon ::: (those who have already booked will be emailed 12th May) If we continue to do what we've always done, we'll continue to get what we've always gotten.

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” The dating and relationship lives of many people have been shaped by an absence of role models for healthy, happy partnerships.This event, designed especially for people over age 35, offers the opportunity to meet in an alcohol-free space, a space not mediated by computer screens, a space in which each person present signals, by their presence there, a commitment to creating more connection & having more enjoyment in their life.It's both important and possible to reconfigure your love life, to learn new skills that lay the foundations for great relationships, and to make empowered decisions about dating, sexuality, partnering, and marriage.::: How is Empowered Speed Dating different from meeting someone on-line?::: When you come to an Empowered Speed Dating event, you experience the pleasures and power of direct interaction in real space and time at your first meeting.We lead you through the process of sitting down with your dates, so there's no worrying on your part about who to meet when.You'll have a card on which you write the name of each of your dates and the people you really connect with during group activities; if you'd like to see a person again, you put an x next to their name.This works for many people --- but for many others it doesn't, for a variety or reasons.Our events are open to those who drink alcohol, but held in an alcohol-free environment.::: How is Empowered Speed Dating different from just meeting someone in everyday life?::: When you come to a Empowered Speed Dating event, you know that everyone there wants to meet new people as dates, mates, and prospective partners.

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