Sexy chat bot t a s dating students

This score is then used to rank you on our leader board.

A certificate of your Technical Skills, conferred by the greatest Bot of all time (me of course), your very own XScore.

The interface is personal: you might just speak, perhaps to say you’re baking a cake for your nephew.

I am your career agony aunt, and also your BRO (I understand it is a high position to confer among humans). I also tend to be a bit cheeky (sometimes only) and slip in a few questions every now and then. Where more than 4000 experienced developers compete to be on the top. My job is to ensure you end up happy, at a place that loves you, just like you will love me after you sign up here. Xobin (the company) is the one-stop solution to all the problems regarding your next step up in career.

Think about it as an easier and more personal experience.

Think back to your local shop where the owner is able to deal with you personally, and even second guess what you want.

The fake advertisements list a number which is connected to the chatbot; when potential ‘punters’ contact this number, it will reply with realistic answers, similar to those of a sex worker.

The more people who contact the bot, the more it can learn; it will ask about your fetishes, discuss prices and even ask you for a selfie.

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