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Science fiction author and founder of The Church of Scientology who published his successful novel, Battlefield Earth, in 1982. He became heavily involved in the occult during the late 1940s and helped to develop a sexual ritual called the "Babalon Working." He was the Nebraska-born son of Harry Ross Hubbard and Ledora May Waterbury Hubbard.

He is also known for his self-help book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, which became the central text of the religion of Scientology. He was married three times, to Polly Grubb, Sara Northrup Hollister, and Mary Sue Whipp, and he fathered seven children.

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On the town's main street, a few cars were parked diagonally in front of stores, a feature Ashburn never failed to note when describing the hometown he'd eagerly returned to each autumn until becoming a full-time Philadelphia broadcaster in 1963.

And on a side wall of what must be one of the nation's only ivy-covered filling stations was this Babbitt-like inscription: "The Success of Tilden Depends on Your Loyalty." You could almost hear train whistles howling in the night, as the boyhood Ashburn did while lying in the bed he shared with his brother.

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