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The pervs are still get'n the feel of the controllers but the fun's going full steam! I discovered a huge error in the files and I'm up against several deadlines so.."Jamie Blonde" defeats all the killer-bots but meets her match when the pleasure-bots won't give up her boyfriend! I'll fix it and do a double posting on it next week.MEMBER & FREEBIE UPDATE Slippin' n slidin' in the "Combat Colosseum" this week as KC and Mia struggle to come to grips in the slimy mud. The "Jaded Genie" has lost the will to serve her new master. The "Hottie Boxers" meet their new tormentor this week and he wastes no time demonstrating who's the boss! Jimbo MEMBER & FREEBIE UPDATE Mixed results on the Genie front.A little on the side just cost one guy his marriage and the "other woman" pays much, much more in "Cleaning out the Garage"! The "Jaded Genie" is dishin' out the pain to the chick that set her free and has no intent on granting any wishes while the Genie set loose in "Scrapz" had to grant that "I wish to kick your ass" request. KC and Mia are rolling in the mud BIG TIME for the "Combat Colosseum" viewers.Then the 'love in an elevator' "Scrapz" concludes this week and somebody's gonna have to do a lotta 'splainin'! Jimbo MEMBER & FREEBIE UPDATE Donny's "Tomb Raider" has met her match in a humiliating capture by the law. Some special coaching helps this weeks "Hiper Sex Arena" winner pick up a few extra tips. The contestants in "Princess Whore" learn the importance of observing the ritual this week. The competitors are reminded of the rules in "Princess Whore" - it's a SEX battle! And they're going after the people that make the drug that gives guys an endless woody while it makes all the babes go sex-crazy. The "Alley Catz" are keeping the neighborhood up all night as they prowl and scrap and scream like animals! "Caught in the Act" gets into the violent meeting of the girlfriend and the "other woman". The undercover investigation goes haywire in "48" as one agent gets her ass whooped while the other one gets hers split open! I pood the scrooch last week and put "Alley Catz" 3 up before number 2. Then "The Final Grade" is up with the first of a two-part bitch-bash that ends with a TWIST! (sigh) Jimbo MEMBER & FREEBIE UPDATE So how do you get an instant fight from a couple of "Alley Catz"? Then 'dedication to duty' doesn't even begin to describe what a couple undercover agents are doing to bust the bad guys."Catfight Scrapz" returns with issue 1 and it's down-n-dirty as money provides the motivation. But in "College Crush" one brave man steps up to quell the violence - his way! Jimbo MEMBER & FREEBIE UPDATE It's the last week for the current "Combat Colosseum". The "Alley Catz" are crying over spilled milk while "The Final Grade" wraps up in the short story section. So please forgive my incompetence as I clean that up this week and put #2 up. Maybe they will, maybe they won't but the bad guy's sure to "bust" - a nut as "48" continues!Product datasheet Upgrade Price Guarantee Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP, 32 Bit / 64 Bit Editions New language versions: Chinese - Lithuanian - Japanese - Polski - Romanian - Spanish - Czech Update Star is compatible with Windows platforms.

Then Slid rounds out the week with "Tiki Hut Take-down" and the ancient gods approve! We've fixed a problem on issue 4 and posted issues 5 & 6!

"Princess Whore" continues but NOT before the all-important ritual cleansing! Like the "Alley Catz" rolling around in some filthy alley - fighting over spilled milk. And you'd think a gal called the "Championess" could aspire to some sort of respectful decorum but no - she whups ass and gets cheated of her rightful respect too! Meanwhile, "Caught in the Act" has two gals tearin' it up on a hotel bed whilst the object of their jealousy circles the bed taking pictures!

"Jamie Blonde" fights another android this week and so far it's looking like the not-so-secret agent is TOAST! "48" returns with some unconventional interrogation moves and an unexpected opportunity to escape! He got some good ones too - show ya a little later.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

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