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That’s quantum physics in a nutshell—like attracts like, and we get back what we give.

So if you want a love life that is meaningful, exciting and whole-hearted, you need to live as though that energy already exists within you (it does!

This is important because many of us want someone who is attractive, takes care of themselves in a certain way, etc.

yet not too many people stay true to those standards themselves.

Your level of confidence enhances your performance in every area of your life, and I stress prioritizing and improving this area regardless if you are a new dater, just getting back in the game after having not done it in a while, or even as a refresher if you are continuously dating. If you love laughing, call that funny-ass friend you have and have a conversation with them before your date to ease those nerves.

1) Do more things that make you feel good about yourself. Walk into life every day feeling positive, because good vibes lead to you being a happier person, and when you are happy, people see you as confident.

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The Road to Confidence in Dating, Step Three: Pick a Place You Like There’s no point in trying to make connections at a place where you don’t feel comfortable and confident.

I’m here to give you a reality check today: until you can truly love yourself and start seeing yourself in a new and positive light, everything else is going to be pretty damned difficult when it comes to dating.

Let’s put it this way: If you think you are boring, will you ever want to converse with someone on a date? If you do not think you have any style or are unhappy with your image, will you want to go out often, and be seen by attractive and polished people?

So when you’re selecting for a place to head out for the night, pick a place where you already feel comfortable.

Alternately, select a new place that sounds fun and exciting, but you’ve never been to before.

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  1. A rebel." A hermit wants to be away from other people - period. A loner, doesn't mind other people, but doesn't want too much to do with them and goes about with them in their lives daily. And yes - a healthy relationship does generally need both partners to be able to enjoy some time spent without the other being glued to their hip. A hermit is someone that does not go out very much to enjoy the fun things in life and, a loner is someone who likes to do things by themselves.