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The concept is the brainchild of TV presenter Sarah Beeny.Sarah was notorious for setting her friends up and it occurred to her that if we could all describe our single friends on a website, then they could all check each other out more easily.There were these events with lots of single people going on all the time, and as I got to my late twenties, I noticed people started to meet people and have permanent relationships, and suddenly this massive group of people going out stopped happening.That single pool got smaller and smaller and smaller, and I just thought there’s less opportunity to meet people, because there’s less people around, and less people bringing along their friends.The team have really amazingly kept the sense of My Single Friend, but the new app (which is out this month) gives you instant gratification.” My Single celebrates its 10th birthday at Fable Bar, Holborn.MSF founder Sarah Beeny and other guests in attendance.“Getting the first ten people on the site was a real challenge. and their friend dinner, and everyone they knew dinner!” One of the other big difficulties we had was, because the original model worked really well, but there were a lot of barriers to entry, and as time has gone on, the premise of the business model – that your friend has to put you on – became a lot harder, and there were a lot of hurdles to getting onto the site. It’s much quicker – now we’ve got it all at our fingertips.

But I think (the site) will always have legs because people will always want to meet other people, and they will always want their friends involved.” I asked Sarah what some of the biggest hurdles have been with the site in the past ten years. I would offer to buy them dinner if they put their friend on the site …

Sarah approached The Dating Lab for their experience in the dating market, having helped to create many of the UK's leading media owner dating sub brands.

The Dating Lab are helping to drive forward, introducing new channels such as mobile apps, as well as expanding the brand into new international markets.

The Dating Lab invested in in 2010 to combine the expertise of both parties and help drive the brand forward.

The Dating Lab's experience with leading dating brands such as gives us an unparalleled understanding of how consumers interact with dating sites, enabling us to better help our media clients in achieving their utmost potential with their own dating sub brands.

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