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So, when Mc Kidd's birthday rolled around recently, she showed up to share in the festivities, and posted this pic of the two staging a mini Cristina and Owen reunion to make our feels spill right over the top of the cup.

Yang might be notoriously uncomfortable with tears, but she'll have to get used to it because this pic just makes us CRY-slash-BEG for her to suit up in the white coat once more for Season 12, even if just for a quick cameo?

Plus: Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) returns, which causes a rift between Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Dr. "Jackson and Richard have a big standoff about the ongoing saga of him dating Catherine," Mc Kidd teases. "[Cristina] has a sexual relationship with somebody else in Minnesota," Mc Kidd says. "I think he's manning up to what happened," Mc Kidd said. Whether that will be reciprocated, he doesn't know.

"Bailey [Chandra Wilson] weighs in on that." is a drama, however, so there will be one very large obstacle for fans of Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen's relationship. But until he's explored every avenue to see if it's heal-able and fixable, then he's going to hold out for her because she's the love of his life." This is exactly why, Mc Kidd believes, executive producer Shonda Rhimes has dubbed this the season of romance.

Chiefly ours, when she bid adieu to "Grey's Anatomy" after 10 straight seasons of being the resident rock star of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital dating back to its Seattle Grace days. Sandra Oh, the actress who played Yang for so many years, is real-life pals with Kevin Mc Kidd, a.k.a. Owen Hunt, her on-and-off-and-on-and-off-again love interest in the drama -- totes one of our favorite couplings, BTW, because steam grate."It would open up so much again in the story and mix everything up.Owen, wherever he is in his life, would have incredible stories. I still miss her to this day." Whether or not Oh finds herself in scrubs again, Mc Kidd obviously loves and support her like a great costar should.Some of it is funny and some of it is very real—watching someone try to keep up at work and the friction that causes. I also think what's happening with the Chief is really interesting. But there is hope on the horizon: Mc Kidd says Cristina's exploits are an "empty experience for her." "It fulfills a certain need for her, but there's certainly not that same thing that she gets when Cristina and Owen are together," he says."It's like that old phrase: The darkest hour is always before the dawn." Can the sun rise now, please? He's really bright, so he's dealing with politics and everything. Sara Ramirez is just in the first few months of tweeting, so she's on it a lot now. I guess when Bailey is having her baby and she tells T. Justin Chambers: Well, Jesse Williams is on his computer the most. Kevin Mc Kidd: Every cast member has a moment like that! The cast member you socialize with most outside of work: Jason George: Sarah Drew or Kevin Mc Kidd. James Pickens Jr.: Boy, you're talking 200 episodes! I looked at it as a sign that my relationship with Shonda would last a long time." __Kevin Mc Kidd__ also shared his thoughts on what will happen to Cristina and Owen once Sandra Oh departs after this season. Camilla Luddington: Jerrika Hinton has an energy about her at 5 A. Everybody is dragging their butts in with like slits for eyes. Who is the cast member that takes their work the most seriously? She puts little Post-it notes all throughout her script, and I take them and move them all around! []James Pickens Jr.: I think Sandra Oh is probably one of the most dedicated actresses. I went through that honeymoon period on Twitter where you're checking it all the time, and she's kinda doing that now.

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