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Commandant Chavez, par-delà cette assistance -ô combien professionnelle !- ce qui mérite notre reconnaissance particulière, c’est votre dévouement, votre abnégation, votre ténacité et la grande qualité humaine dont vous avez fait montre tout au long des opérations de secours.Merci d’abord à mes concitoyens, secouristes improvisés, intrépides et souvent anonymes.Merci aussi à vous, commandant Chavez, et merci à chacun des membres des unités de secours du Panama, de la République Dominicaine, de la France et d’Israël qui nous avez si généreusement assistés les 18 et 19 janvier passés sur le site de la Unibank de Bourdon.The surprise visit, which is the first solo international trip by the first lady, who is en route to Mexico on a three-day visit, will resonate especially for Haitian women, says Riddley. 1, followed by corruption, violence and insecurity, and irresponsibility of the government, the Oxfam survey showed.“Going alone without the president, being a female, probably boosts the spirit of women in Haiti.”Of 1,700 Haitians surveyed, top priorities for reconstruction are jobs and schools. on its efforts since the quake, noting that "there has been no significant disease outbreak or increase in malnutrition rates, over a million affected people are receiving clean drinking water, and over 200,000 women and children are benefiting from selective feeding programs."But UNICEF says that the key challenges ahead include "provision of sanitation, risks of violence against women and girls living in displacement camps, and the broader issue of much-reduced government and civil society capacity."Quelles réalités recouvre le vaudou ?Pour l’Église catholique, le vaudou ne doit pas être rejeté mais au contraire « christianisé » et imprégné du levain de l’Évangile.

That is the same sentiment expressed by international relief organizations, after Ms. Biden flew by helicopter to the presidential palace, which was damaged as so many other government building were in the quake, to visit with Haitian President Rene Preval.'We're worried that people will get a little uneasy,' said attendant Jean Reynol, 37, explaining his gas station was ready to close immediately if violence breaks out.A spokesman for the Rome-based agency, Emilia Casella, said the WFP was preparing shipments of enough ready-to-eat meals to feed 2 million Haitians for a month.She noted that regular food stores in the city had been emptied by looters.More than 100 paratroopers of the US 82nd Airborne Division arrived at the Port au Prince airport overnight, boosting the U. military presence to several hundred on the ground. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she would visit Haiti on Saturday with new USAID chief Rajiv Shah to get a firsthand look at the earthquake relief effort.'I also have decided after consulting with President Obama and others in our government that I will be traveling to Haiti tomorrow with USAID administrator Dr. The trip would also allow her to personally convey support to the people of Haiti, she said.Commandant Hiriberto Chavez et membres des Unités de Secours de la Protection Civile du Panama, Commandant Paulino et membres des Unités de Secours de la Protection Civile et de la Défense Civile de la République dominicaine, Il y a des douleurs si fortes que l’on voudrait les oublier.Il y a des traumatismes si grands qu’ils imposent le silence.After Haiti was hit by a 7-magnitude earthquake on January 12, major donor nations and some international lending agencies forgave about 80 per cent of Haiti’s external debt – estimated at 1 billion US dollars – to help with reconstruction.Taiwan did not meet the international community’s request that Haiti’s creditors cancel Haiti’s debts, because Taipei does not want other allies to ask Taipei to cancel their debts too, press reports said.Others have arrived off Port-au-Prince harbor on the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. Their efforts will include providing security, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said. Raj Shah,' Clinton told a news briefing on Friday.'We will be meeting President Preval and other members of the Haitian government along with the members of the U. At Toussaint L'Ouverture International Airport, a stream of US military cargo planes was landing Friday, but they had to circle for an hour before getting clearance to land because the quake destroyed the control tower and radar control, and the US military was using emergency procedures.The command said other paratroopers and Marines would raise the U.

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