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It may also communicate to daemon-based and/or ICAP-based antivirus software to provide security against virus and other malware by scanning incoming content in real time before it enters the network.Many work places, schools and colleges restrict the web sites and online services that are accessible and available in their buildings. This is done either with a specialized proxy, called a content filter (both commercial and free products are available), or by using a cache-extension protocol such as ICAP, that allows plug-in extensions to an open caching architecture.

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The use of "reverse" originates in its counterpart "forward proxy" since the reverse proxy sits closer to the web server and serves only a restricted set of websites.Consequently, a root certificate generated by the proxy is installed into the browser CA list by IT staff.In such situations, proxy analysis of the contents of a SSL/TLS transaction becomes possible.A content filtering proxy will often support user authentication to control web access.It also usually produces logs, either to give detailed information about the URLs accessed by specific users, or to monitor bandwidth usage statistics.For example, JPEG files could be blocked based on fleshtone matches, or language filters could dynamically detect unwanted language.If the content is rejected then an HTTP fetch error may be returned to the requester.Most web filtering companies use an internet-wide crawling robot that assesses the likelihood that a content is a certain type.The resultant database is then corrected by manual labor based on complaints or known flaws in the content-matching algorithms.A reverse proxy (or surrogate) is a proxy server that appears to clients to be an ordinary server.Reverse proxies forward requests to one or more ordinary servers which handle the request.

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