Rihanna and chris brown are dating behind our backs Face to face chat rooms sxe

Also, I think there’s a point as an artist where you stand up, look at your audience and go, ‘Holy fuck, she’s 14 years old, should I be jumping around in my thong right now’.You have a certain responsibility at the end of the day.I enjoy a few drinks, for example, but I wouldn’t be out there telling young kids to drink.

On the way Rihanna has conducted herself, the guitarist and producer with the massively popular Dublin trio says: “If I knew my audience were out there and quite young, I wouldn’t be an advocate of that at all.

She’s public, so that’s probably why she’s doing what she’s doing, letting her hair down with the press surrounding her.” Last year, Script singer Danny O'Donoghue told Hot Press that he admired The Original Rudeboys rejecting the offer of a Chris Brown support slot. I wouldn’t want to look the man in the eye, I wouldn’t like to drink with him or be his best mate, but at the same time it’s got nothing to do with me.” In a wide-ranging interview just before their six massive Irish dates, Sheehan also talks touring, the fall of HMV and being serenaded by Paul Mc Cartney.

In the new issue, out tomorrow, Mark expresses a different opinion: "I think you have to stand up and play the gig. Let them decide about you and then get the fuck out of there. You don’t have to be mates with him, you don’t have to drink with him. You can read it all when the new issue of Hot Press hits shelves Thursday, March 14.

But, through it all, The Script have worked hard to stay grounded and remember their roots.

Read More Ahead of the release of their fourth album, the Dublin trio sat down with HP’s Stuart Clark to discuss emigration, gay rights and the Garth Brooks shows that never were in the new issue of Hot Press. In the middle of the Irish three-pieces six sell-out Dublin and Belfast shows, a straight-shooting Mark Sheehan takes time out to talk about the excesses of life on the road, why HMV failed, getting serenaded by Paul Mc Cartney, the controversy over Rihanna and Chris Brownand the emotional impact of current album, #3. Read More Danny, Marc and Glen made their much anticipated Irish return last night at the O2 arena.

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