Provo dating prank

Somebody, who I shall not name, sent me this image in an email.

This unrepentant Mormon is just asking for trouble.

This one I’m very excited about; it’s the most anticipated of all of my books so far.

It’s about a girl in the middle of a prank war who gets embroiled in a dangerous plot–she just doesn’t know it (kind of a “Knight and Day”). Although my first love is writing YA fantasy, I can’t get away from writing romantic comedies; it’s a great way to be completely myself and reach out to others in my same situation in life. E Prophecies” and “With a Kiss.” The former is more dramatic than the other, but I’m extremely excited for both of them.

Oaks once was involved in a ``bank robbery.'' In the late 1940s, young Oaks and several friends from Brigham Young High School in Provo staged an Al Capone caper as a teen-age prank. ``Dallin was the life of the party in Chicago,'' says Marvin Hill, a BYU historian who was a student at the University of Chicago with Elder Oaks.

In high school, he played tackle on the same team as Le Grand Young, Steve Young's father. When a group of young LDS faculty and graduate students at Stanford University in 1966 began publishing Dialogue, a scholarly magazine for Mormons, they naturally thought of their old friend in Chicago.

Elder Oaks served on the magazine's national advisory board for about four years.

It’s about the woes of dating from a girl’s perspective.

“Meet Your Match” is also from a girl’s perspective…except this time, she happens to be the menace in the dating scene. However, contrary to popular belief, I want to reiterate that these books do not make me an expert on dating…obviously.

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