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He was even forced to miss his school prom because of his illness but decided to throw a replacement party for 150 other teenagers who had also missed out because of their illnesses.The teenager left viewers in tears when he appeared on the This Morning today, with supporters calling him an 'inspiration' and 'a ray of sunshine'.It was insane.'Izzy, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of four, attended the prom and described as a 'dream come true'.

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Lewis didn't expect the prom to get so much attention and called the response 'insane'.

He said: 'I didn't expect a response that I got I was amazed at the positive feedback we got from the prom night.

Big celebration: Terri Calvesbert, 16, who was scarred for life after being caught in a house fire aged two, dressed up for her school leavers' prom with her friends and said she had a 'wonderful evening' A big send off: Terri's dad Paul and wife Nicky and her grandparents Mick and Margaret gathered to watch her head off for prom.

Paul said he had been very proud to see his precious daughter go off to the prom and enjoy life like any other teenager Firefighters attending the scene thought they had found a 'charred doll' when they saw Terri's body.

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