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But now, anyone who doesn't make the age cut will simply be redirected to Snap Kidz, where they can take goofy pictures, draw on their faces, and save the images to their i Device.

"We're trying it out first on i OS and if all goes well, we hope to include it in an upcoming Android update," Snapchat said.

A woman who has delivered a baby at full term has a very low chance of delivering a subsequent baby early.

In addition, the more pregnancies a woman has delivered at full term, the less likely that subsequent births will be premature.

But its massive following among 13- to 25-year-olds also gained Snapchat a reputation as a tool for sexting.

This update aims to keep inappropriate content out of the hands of youngsters, and to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which prevents sites from collecting personal information about children under 13 without their parents' consent.

Concerns over safety and privacy still abound, though, as even the least savvy of kids can share saved photos directly from their camera roll via text message, email, or various social networks.

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Just set a time limit (up to 10 seconds) for how long the recipient can view your message before it gets wiped from the app.

Women who have had more than one abortion seem to be more likely to have a premature birth later in life.

It's unclear why an abortion may cause preterm labor in a later pregnancy.

Parents can learn more about Snapchat and how to keep their kids out of trouble via the free Parents Guide to Snapchat from non-profit group Connect Safely.

Snapchat version 5.0.1 is currently available for free download in the Apple i Tunes Store.

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