Polyamory dating connections

Never fear – Bob and Jenny kindly offered the services of their Hitachi, and of course they had a handy pair of velcro cuffs to attach my hands over my head to the table.I just closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over me.I inserted the vaginal plug and asked my boyfriend to insert the anal one.

The sensation there was fascinating and definitely arousing – it felt as if the nipple was being pinched, but the sensation was also distinctly below the surface of the nipple.

Now, I absolutely adore breast play and always want lots of nipple stimulation during sex, so this is a key to my arousal, and I started having trouble staying quiet and still, much to the amusement of the audience of my boyfriend and Bob’s wife, Jenny.

(Watching someone experiencing e-stim is about as interesting as watching paint dry; there’s really nothing to see except a naked person lying on a table. It’s only fun for other people if they’re driving the equipment, or when the subject starts squealing with pleasure.) The nipple stimulation was so wonderful, I asked for electrodes on my left breast as well.

I’ll admit I didn’t do my homework and didn’t really know what they were talking about; I assumed it was a form of electrical play similar to using a violet wand.

So when I accepted their invitation and trekked to their home in the suburbs, I was thinking I might remove my shirt but that was about it.

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