Poems dating younger men

Like any major life decision, it helps to write down the pros and cons and see how you feel about the answers.It's your life, and the most important issues are those that are important to you., nearly forty percent of all women marrying between the ages of thirty-five and forty-four are marrying younger men.If you're unhappy with your love life, perhaps it's time to discover the joys of a younger man.As Sarah, a thirty-seven year old divorced mother of three, says about her relationship with troy, age twenty-four, "Older men scare me.

Just because there is no younger man in your life today doesn't mean there won't be one tomorrow.Then look at the reasons you haven't considered younger men and think about the worst case scenario for each one. Are the positives quantitatively or qualitatively stronger than the negatives?For example, how would you feel about dating a younger man if your best friend's reaction is, "Are you crazy? What is a more passionate, equal relationship worth to you?try the following experiment: ask yourself, "What is preventing me from loving a younger man?" Write down anything that occurs to you, such as, "I've never thought about it," or "I don't really know any younger men." Perhaps you're "afraid of what my family or friends might say," or "concerned about how I look or how much I weigh." Think about what you might get from a younger partner.Generational discrimination and segregation are alive and, well, discouraging.We have to pass the torch somehow, but so many of the bridges have been burnt. Older men, by God’s design and grace, there are things we will get from you and no one else.Perhaps that's why so many American women are sharing their lives with a younger soulmate.My advice to women of all ages is this: don't wait for the culture to change -- change it yourself.He probably divorced a woman like me." I've talked with hundreds of such women, and one thing is clear-a woman with a younger man is free to be herself.She loves from strength rather than weakness and has a younger friend and companion as well as a lover.

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