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Nothing, however, beats the knowledge we learn from first-hand experience on the water.

The problem is storing that information and recalling it when the time is right.

Chris Sheeder, Casa Vieja Lodge Puerto San Jose, Guatemala "One of the truly most difficult and rewarding feats in fly fishing is catching a billfish, and the most impressive billfish to catch is a blue marlin.

There seems to be an infinite number of ways to lose a blue on a fly, but one technique I call the “Charlie Tuna” will at least get you more bites.

By this time the boat has long come to a complete stop, so the strip pop is essential and usually just one to two jabs does the trick.

Half the time the fish will inhale the fly right off the bat, but even if the marlin continues to swim forward looking for "Charlie" under and around the boat, he's now seen your fly and knows where it is because of those pops you made as he swam by.

That's why I try my best to keep a log book of my fishing trips.

Once a blue marlin comes racing in on a teaser, fails to bite the fly and swims off, you cast the "Charlie" that is attached to a spinning rod past the area of the fish and start retrieving it.

From weekend anglers to the top tournament angler, we seek more information to help us catch more fish, more consistently.

We work with other anglers within our network, we search the internet, magazines, television shows and tournament results for information that will help us catch more fish.

It's interesting how I can remember catching a particular fish on a bait on an exact spot five years ago.

At the same time, I might forget the adjustments I made to the outrigger clips or the hook style I was using or sea conditions that led to catching that fish on that particular day.

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