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The easiest and most flattering light to work with is the nice, even light you find on a cloudy day.The clouds act as a giant diffuser, spreading the light evenly across the face, meaning there are no horrible unflattering shadows. (Which, ironically, means it will probably get more hits that any of my photography posts.) I have been debating whether to write this for some time, for fear of seeming unprofessional or completely random.

Photographers are obsessed with finding good quality light.), and add a bit of colour pop and contrast if need be.Don’t be tempted to over edit, as it will put potential dates off.This will immediately even out the light on the face.If, for some reason, you have to take the photos indoors then the first thing you need to do is turn off the automatic flash function, which can be done very easily on most smartphones.Flash photography only works well on portraits when the flash-head is taken off the camera.This obviously isn’t possible with a smartphone so you need to become adept at shooting without the flash. Well on a camera, flash creates the most unflattering light for portraits because the light source is coming from a small area close to the lens.The beauty of mobile photography is that there is a whole wealth of cool photography apps, which you can often download for free, allowing you to edit your photos to help make them stand out.Use them to edit brightness (can make the skin look much better, but don’t misrepresent yourself!My favourite apps for editing smartphone photos are ‘Afterlight’ and ‘VSCO Cam’ (great colour pop without using a filter) but there are tonnes out there. Play around with props, clothes, hairstyle, make up, backdrops and in amongst all the shots, you should find a few awesome ones which will help your dating profile stand out from the crowd.I’m a bit of a maverick, if truth be told, and am a firm believer in breaking the rules to get an interesting shot. Good luck and, most importantly, go have fun doing it. For more advice head back to our dating section, or read more of our dating blogs!

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