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There were Portuguese Arawak Taino and African people on the island before Christopher Columbus got there.My first female Maroon ancestor would have likely escaped to West moreland.

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The connection could be from Sao Tome St Thomas or from Portugal or Spain.

The dates on record don’t add up I estimate she was born around 1750 either in Africa as recorded or Maroon Town.

The book Saving Souls: The Struggle to End the Transatlantic Trade in Africans talks of Quamin Tacky and Blackwall who were Maroons in 1790 who led a rebellion in St Mary.

I found a book online which describes the owners and the slaves at the plantation my family were enslaved on in St Mary. The book states that the first person listed there with the surname was Charlotte born in Africa in or around 1760.

This I think is correct she was the first person there with the surname but only in that part of town.

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