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Like our last entry, the goal here is to get one of our in-world contestants to fall madly in love with you by summer’s end, or 30 days from now.You have 50 HP to spend on either talking with your crush or working your part time job at the Creamery with your hot coworker, who’s also a romantic prospect.You are Sara Biea Affen, a silly teenage girl who’s awkward, cute, and obsessed with chickens.Sara’s goal is simple: land herself a boyfriend by the end of the summer, I. It’s up to us, the dedicated player, to see how her Summer of Fun unfolds, be it everlasting love or perpetual loneliness. We do feature characters from Kathleen’s other original stories (including Jenna Moonlight, who would get her own game later) but, if you never read these stories, then the plot is gonna feel sparse and lacking.

He claims his sexuality is “ambiguous” while occasionally dressing in feminine clothing.

He’s pretty easy (heh) and provides an excellent tutorial.

Ian Just looking at Ian, and then interacting with him a bit, I sense he was supposed to be the “give-no-fuck, cool” type, with the half-lidded eyes, punkish jewelry, and lazy smile.

Sasha Our surprise/secret date is a lesbian, making this our first same-sex option on this series.

I’m not a lesbian myself but I played Sasha’s route and, surprisingly, found her to be the most well written.

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