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"Nobody made any comments about, 'Oh, she shouldn't have been there,'" says Brig. Congress quickly repealed legislation dating to the 1950s that barred women from flying in combat and serving on combat ships.

Yet while the Pentagon also lauded servicewomen's combat performance, the official expansions of opportunities for military women did not include ground combat.

At the report's release in February, the DOD announced plans to open 14,325 more jobs -- an additional 1.2 percent of that total -- slated for implementation on Monday.

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The first Gulf War soon proved this doctrine untenable, however, as a clear gap emerged between the risk rule and the facts on the ground. The call to war was a big change for Cornum, a biochemistry and nutrition Ph. recruited by the Army in 1978 to study wound healing -- when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, she was primarily conducting research on helicopter pilot performance and helmet-mounted displays. "So when people would come around or dignitaries would come," she says, "they'd send me off to the motor pools." Yet by the end of the Gulf War, Cornum had participated in roughly one-quarter of her battalion's attack missions.More than 400,000 women served during the World Wars, but as the United States demobilized, the military pushed women back to the homefront.During Vietnam, Congress began to recognize that more women were needed for the U. military machine, repealing legal provisions that had prevented them from comprising more than 2 percent of the nation's troops. "I said, 'Well, I've been living in the parking space next to him in the Dhahran Airport parking lot for the last four months,'" she says."Recent changes in Army doctrine have in many ways called into question the ground exclusion policy, or at least, the services' adherence to it," the report's author writes."In 1994, we didn't know what was coming," says Rajiv Srinivasan, who led an Army platoon as a lieutenant in Afghanistan.After a rocket-propelled grenade sent the Black Hawk helicopter tumbling out of the sky over Iraq, the medics got to work fast on the co-pilot, Capt. Standard operating procedure: cut away the desert-camo uniform before burnt fabric melds with burnt flesh. Duckworth awoke there around Thanksgiving 2004, a few weeks after the shootdown, to find a comfort kit waiting with slippers, a shaving kit and men's jockey shorts. "I don't have jockey, I'm not gonna wear men's jockey shorts." Tammy Duckworth had just become the first female double amputee from Iraq, losing one leg above the knee and one below, but she had been a woman for a while already. "It never occurred to them to make kits for women." Duckworth is one of more than 282,000 American women who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan during a decade of war, according to Pentagon figures. So you're given a "comfort kit," a little backpack containing some toiletries and clothes. I don't have feet, so I can't wear the slippers, and you know, I just had my legs blown off, it's not like I'm gonna shave my legs any time soon," she chuckles.But it continues, voicing the concern of those who oppose women in combat: "There are serious practical barriers, which if not approached in a deliberate manner, could adversely impact the health of our Service members and degrade mission accomplishment.Change of this magnitude requires sufficient time and resources." Incremental reforms, however, don't address the fundamental problem: a segregated system that denies women the chance to compete for the most elite positions in the military -- typically the fast track to advancement through the ranks -- as well as the respect that their service and sacrifice has earned.The 207,308 women currently serving on active duty comprise some 14.5 percent of the U. The number of female veterans has doubled since 1990 and is expected to skyrocket given further drawdowns in the Middle East. Today's servicewomen perform many of the roles that official policy says they cannot.They are helicopter pilots, linguists and flight nurses, mechanics, mental health administrators and homeland security-force directors, intelligence officers and combat correspondents, Ph. Department of Veterans Affairs Tammy Duckworth walks to the podium during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N. Often, their service and suffering remain ignored by or invisible to the Pentagon and the public.

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