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Think locally, Fuck Globally._________________Isopropyl That's what I thought the song was about, but I was confused by the mixed messages I was getting from teachers and text books. There's this deeper meaning with sociology and whatnot; then the sex one. On love, he said, "I'm not so sure I even know what it is. *slinks back into the darkness*_________________Don't trust a plastic beat.

They seem to think globalization is a good thing, but I couldn't understand how the meshing of all cultures was good. We'd just be a bunch of droids, for lack of a better word. Back on tour in say 2004, GB handed out a newspaper at concerts.

So "fuck globally" as in "fuck the general consensus about how the world is made up". the sex thing _________________60 revolutions per minute--this is my regular speed It would be nice.

And "think locally" as in "treat the whole world as if it's your own neighborhood". However, one of the best things about literature/lyrics is that it is subjective.

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It was quite interesting--discussion of history of the band, individual members, and philosophical discussion.

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I thought it was about revolution: Try to make an impact on your world instead of the world as a whole and eventually things will change. Of course, some interpretations would never be accepted by the author. A person can create something and have one clear purpose or idea; but, her society, values, pressure from ideologies, etc--all impact her and subconsciously alter her creation into manifesting the refractions of many truths in her audience. _________________60 revolutions per minute--this is my regular speed Yeah. Symbols are only symbols because we instill them with meaning ourselves. Hah.) But because globalization is a matter that people have strong opinions about, I am just interested in knowing the band's... it seems like most of us have done some thinking about this song, and the real meaning behind the title ( and lyrics)so...you need facts, only one person can give you that! Though Barthes and Foucault are more interesting as a more general read._________________Tomorrow in the morning I won't be sorry that I didn't sleep. It is a set of processes leading to the integration of economic, cultural, political, and social systems across geographical boundaries.

This would be in accordance with other ideas from GB songs, like: "The local cultures are dyin' and dyin' The programmed robots are buyin' and buyin' And us secluded freaks are still tryin' tryin!

" (Through the Roof) I'll see if I can find my copy of the GB paper.

It was a great handout--as good as the fold-your-own hats!

Cheers, BB_________________We want the finest wines known to humanity; we want them here, and we want them now!

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