Lee dong wook and eugene kim dating dating in the dark side book

I've always wanted my oppa Wookie to end up with his co-star in My Girl, Lee Da Hae.

But I guess after 3 years of waiting for them to hook up, I give up! Anyway, most of the fans are also rooting for them to be a couple because of their new series together.

The 1st series I've watched was Blademan & it made me fall in love w/you...

because i can like him, as a 28 years old woman, not a 13 years old girl.

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i love watching My Girl with Lee Da Hae in 2005 and now they were paired again in Hotel King, i definitely love their on screen chemistry.

wow cool coments all the way, glad to know there are people that sees what i see in him too, his shinning in a very different way that ordinary people like those that doesnt vote for him can understand.

Suzy , luckygirl I understand how u feel , and i tottaly agree with you both , wookie is much better than many popular k actor/idol , his fascial expression is priceless .rather than those who face muscles don't move ,but he isn't well appreciated or recognised agency has to promote him more and find a good script and female leads who fit him well ..

After Hyun Bin and Song Hye Gyo's news about their relationship, another rumor is circulating around the net.

This time it's about my ultimate korean oppa Lee Dong Wook.

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