Joomla dating plugin

They can control which search queries we should fire to find the best matches for them.Admin can control which fields are to be made available to the user for this.The Joomla themes offer complete customization of every element including the sliders allowing you to streamline the site based on the theme you are going for.Also the social integration plugins and the mobile responsive design ensure that more customers find your site and use it more frequently.

Use the catchy title page slider to display top users on your dating site or the newest games introduced or even discount offers on services provided.

With Matrix Layouts, you can show suggestions in a rows and columns as suited to your needs. That way he can see fresh suggestions all the time.

In the future, we will use ignore data to further improve suggestions.

Since these are suggestions actually suggested by real people, these are given the highest priority in display by default.

When a user gives a recommendation, a notification via email and a Native Social networking notification is sent to the user in supported extensions (currently only Jom Social) informing them about the suggestion.

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