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Miss Carey, who is said to be keen to work with Cowell, sent an £850 bottle of Angel Champagne, which was presented to him at the top table.Billionaire Donald Trump also had to decline his invitation.The pair embraced with gusto as they arrived for the first day of filming the U. X Factor yesterday, kissing on the lips as the crowds cheered them.Cowell told Mail Online that he had been prepared to scrap the whole day of filming if Paula hadn't come onboard.

A friend said: ‘Of course Simon had wanted all 400 guests to be there, but with their busy schedules it was impossible for everyone to come.However some close friends insisted on buying gifts.Publicist Max Clifford bought an £80,000 miniature sculpture of Simon’s idol Frank Sinatra, by artist Willard Wigan.They cannot handle it."Cowell and Fox, the network which airs American Idol, declined to comment.The media tycoon, who treated his closest friends to a sunshine holiday in Miami last week ahead of his milestone birthday on Wednesday, flew home via private jet on Friday to make last-minute changes to the guest list, a Who’s Who of the most influential people in TV and music.This year, they had a proof that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Former Afterschool’s Lee Joo Yeon spent three days in Jeju Island together, confirming that they have been dating for a while.This year, Dispatch has released evidence that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Former Afterschool member Lee Jooyeon are indeed dating as they spent three days on Jeju Island together.The piece of art, which has to be viewed through a microscope and is mounted in the eye of a needle, features Sinatra on stage with microphone in hand.‘It was a case of what do you get for the man who has everything? Agent Jonathan Shalit presented Cowell with the famous Nirvana Nevermind LP cover, which had been digitally altered to feature Cowell’s image.Tina was frantic flying from Monte Carlo to London.At one point she dubbed it Mission Impossible, but it has finally all come together.’The millionaire had insisted he did not want gifts, instead encouraging guests to make a contribution to the Chase hospice in Guildford, Surrey, which cares for terminally ill children, and Battersea Dogs’ Home, one of his favourite charities.

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