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The devil will get what he wants, and the object of his desire was Qi Yue.Although having a cruel exterior, Ah Meng’s heart is kind and caring, which truly touched Qi Yue.Main Cast: Rainie Yang as Tong Jia Di Mike He as Huo Da Kingone Wang as Huo Yan About the drama: All Tong Jia Di does is work and more work.Therefor her best friend Jiang Xiao Nan sneaks in a “Love” coupon in Jia Di’s raffle box praying that the lucky guy who draws it will sweep Jia Di off her feet.

This is actually the first Asian drama that I ever tried to watch but I didn’t finish it the first time, but after Devil Beside You I picked it up again and then I loved it and this and Devil Beside You also made me a huge fan of Rainie Yang.The big problem remained – Ah Meng is the son of the man Qi Yue’s mother is going to marry.Even though they were not related by blood, who will accept this step brother-sister relationship?It even ended up being one of my favourite dramas of all time. The characters are different and the story is different.The only thing similar is the main three leads and man they are good.As it so happens, Huo Yan, the compassionate manager Jia Di has secret crush on, is the lucky guy.However his younger brother is determined to exchange his “Master/Angel” coupon for her servitude. Jia Di is sweat and she feels very real to me and I feel for her a lot. I adored him in Devil Beside You, where he was so charming and I adored him here.I do however think that Devil Beside You has more hook to it and it is more cuter and funnier than Why Why Love, but it also drags a bit more but they make up for it with some adorable otps.Why Why Love does not drag as much, the story feels a bit more consistent and in a way makes more sense to me, thought I also didn’t think Devil Beside You was totally a nonsensical drama.On paper they both sound a bit weird and sort of nuts but Why Why Love also feels a bit real, though that isn’t always better.I loved the character and I just loved this drama a lot.

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