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It's been claimed that Jolie 'stole' Pitt away from Aniston while making the movie Mr & Mrs Smith in 2005, but other reports suggest that Pitt and Aniston were already on the outs when he met Jolie.In an interview with Vogue in 2007, Jolie maintained she and Pitt remained friends for a long time, and only embarked on romance after his divorce from Aniston.The Brad Pitt love triangle involving Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston was arguably the biggest showbiz story of all time.But the Fight Club actor was not the only one who shared an intimate moment with each of the A-listers.Miss Campbell has denied the story and was issued with a subpoena and a warning that she faced a seven-year jail sentence after initially refusing to discuss it with the UN war crimes court.In April, she insisted that she "never received a diamond"."She told us she had been awakened in the night by knocking at her door.She opened the door to find two or three men - I do not recall how many - who presented her with a large diamond which they said was from Charles Taylor," she said.

He explained: 'It was kind of a crazy time in my life.As he had already plead the fifth once, he looked pained to have to answer as he finally said: 'Jennifer Aniston.I'm just going, you know, I'm just taking you by surprise.' Gerard could be seen with shaky legs but other guest 50 Cent seemed pleased by his answer as he smiled big and said: 'No no no this is good!I don’t want my family endangered in any way.” She told her account of how she was presented with the gift, saying two men knocked at her door late at night. “I opened the pouch the next morning when I woke up. They were very, small, dirty looking stones.” Mr Taylor, 62, has dismissed the story as "totally incorrect" and has denied ever owning, selling or trading diamonds illegally mined or stolen by rebels in Sierra Leone.“They said ‘a gift for you’ and then gave me a pouch. Miss Campbell is no stranger to courtrooms, having faced a series of minor lawsuits and criminal cases over the years.Anyway we hung out and had fun and I never saw her again.'Gerard said later people from TMZ had approached him and asked about his relationship with the reality star to which he replied: 'Whose Brandi Glanville!?' The actor then continued with a laugh: 'Because I didn't even know her last name. " She got pretty upset about that.'Gerard and 42-year-old rapper 50 Cent star together in crime/action flick Den Of Thieves.Two years ago, she pleaded guilty in an incident where she cursed, kicked and spat at police at London's Heathrow airport after flying into a rage over a missing piece of luggage.She was sentenced to 200 hours of community service.'The hunk worked with 48-year-old Aniston on 2010's Bounty Hunter and with 42-year-old Jolie in 2003's Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.Both actresses were also famously been married to Brad Pitt; Aniston from 2000 to 2005 and Jolie from 2014 until 2016.

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