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Revealed as the drug lord Proteus, she seems to have multiple personalities.

Hungarian princess, married to Jake Martin and Ryan Lavery.

According to his bio, Lamman Rucker is currently single.

There is no news of him being married or having a wife.

He was rumored to be dating Jill Scott, but nothing is confirmed yet.

He is active on social media platforms and uploads a lot of photos of him.

According to his biography, his net worth is .5 Million Dollars.

Marrying Palmer Cortlandt after a brief courtship, but her infidelity impacts the marriage.

(first named Charles Philip Tyler), firstborn grandson of Joe and Ruth, son of Tara and Phil and originally believed to be Chuck Tyler's son.

A Doctors Without Borders physician, she came to town using the alias Carolyn Finn.

Sister of Griffin Castillo, formerly married to Jake Martin and married to Tad Martin, as of September 2011 she was pregnant with David Hayward's baby.

His brother is no more as his brother’s death took place at a very young age.

He didi his schooling from the Duke Ellington School of Arts situated in Washington, D. He attended the Carnegie Mellon University and then went on to attend Duquesne University.

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