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These men are usually fathers, sometimes husbands, and very commonly people with great professional responsibilities.What has happened to their sense of privacy and trust, of honour and respect?

Kissing each other goodbye, we both agreed it had been a splendid first date.Then there was the media boss, a man who'd just sold his company for a small fortune and with whom, it emerged, I shared a number of acquaintances.His only focus during our first date was inquiring at what stage in the process I would 'put out'.It's common on girls' nights out for us to joke about the prostate problems that affect erectile function, the creaky hip joints that require greater inventiveness in the bedroom, the changes in stamina that impact on the most intimate of moments.Might it be that men over 40 approach love and sex like the proverbial bull in a china shop, deliberately inviting rejection because it is less emasculating than behaving traditionally and risking humiliation further down the line? The politically correct men who regularly describe themselves as 'emotionally intelligent' also find ways of putting sex at the top of the agenda.'The next day, I got an email asking if he could stay over.When I said I was not yet sure how well we were suited, I never heard from him again.One potential paramour from an established dating site I joined earlier this year wanted to know in advance of a date whether I liked having my feet massaged - an euphemism, I have discovered, for something more racy. (It's amazing how many management consultants on the M4 corridor and academics north of Peterborough are masters of tantric manipulation.) On one site, I foolishly described myself as curvaceous - a common female euphemism for overweight, but mistaken in this instance for suggesting I was buxom and, therefore, 'a bit of a goer'.Within hours, my inbox was full of lewd pictorial invitations to meet up from highly eloquent men aged 30 to 68, half of whom admitted to being married. One particularly explicit note was from a respected scientist who could be identified from his email address, and another from a lawyer who sent risque pictures of himself via his firm's account.While I am looking for love, I am not so foolish as to expect to find it with the first man I meet. Other single friends assure me that this is not the case and I am not alone.I would, however, like to establish some mutual interest areas and know more about these confident chaps with their tailored suits and impeccable manners before we get to the bedroom. Seema, a 49-year-old civil servant, has found that the fashion among younger people for partners with whom one has a physical rather than a romantic relationship has had a 'trickle up' effect, whether you meet a man through the internet or not.

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