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If you fall for men easily, you’ll find yourself falling in love with a man wearing a mask.

Because these men tend to be insecure, they’ll pull out all the charm and seduction games to woo you over for several weeks or months. Eventually, the truth comes out and you realize you fell in love with a false persona.

My point is that you’ll often find one of these above issues to be more extreme than the others (which can still play a big role in his present day personality).

Controlling your emotions is another extremely difficult task as well because all these negative experiences growing up has festered over the years into some deep darkness.

BPD is a serious disorder and it’s important to not forget this.The next person is the strong, confident, self-assured type.They receive feedback and criticism objectively – they don’t take it personally.However, it’s equally important that we approach this issue by removing the BPD label. Before we get into the 5 common BPD issues, I first want to quickly talk about how the past influences behavior.It’s important that we tackle the most common symptoms one by one. Not just for the Borderline you have feelings for, but for all of us.For a heroin addict, recovery is a life-long process.Philip Seymour Hoffman had been clean for 23 years before he relapsed in 2013, and died from an apparent overdose last week.When it comes to your relationship, you need to prioritize these symptoms.Which symptom is it that you believe to be the one that needs the most work? Choose which issue is most important and go from there.Nearly 300 people responded, describing their struggle to get clean, and the ongoing battle to stay sober. men to act like sociopaths and narcissists because “it’s what women are attracted to.

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