Idris elba dating white women

Not because of its story, but because of the fact that it stars an interracial couple, a relatively rare occurrence in Hollywood.

Even better, though, is that the film shows a black man with a white woman, a type of interracial couple that's practically shown on-screen.

I was asked on more than one occasion, what black man had done me so badly that I ran to a white guy. This sounds like I am being purposefully naïve, but I promise you, I didn’t understand how I could be accused of not loving black men. I have loved and been loved in return by black men. When I read the article, I thought “oh, that explains it!A good example of this stereotype is Queen Latifiah’s character in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever .In Jungle Fever, the Queen plays a waitress who becomes visually upset when she is forced to serve the black man / white woman couple.Making movies featuring interracial relationships hasn’t been a walk in the park for Hollywood thus far, as the history of black male/white female romances depicted in media is fraught with issues.Recall all the times that Sidney Poitier portrayed one half of an interracial relationship in films like , for instance.White women have been and are still at the top of the cultural hierarchy of what Western civilization defines as womanhood and beauty.So in Aaron’s case, his ultimate goal should be to be with a white woman. I don’t have a neat conclusion to this post or to the problem of race privilege. And if I don’t care what color the person you date happens to be, please do the same for me. In these movies, Poitier took on the archetypal leading man roles that usually went to the Tony Curtises and Cary Grants (i.e. However, some of the choices Poitier had to make in playing these characters shows how perfect they had to be to be deemed as roles that “transcended race.” To do the seemingly impossible, Poitier had to portray the model black man — thin, good-looking, accented, intensely intelligent, and culturally exotic.Interestingly enough, these are also the qualities that Elba — and his character Ben in —possess in spades.The actor-turned-DJ kept close to his mystery female companion and put his arm around her as they headed inside the terminal.The Luther star announced on Instagram last week he was unable to attend the Boardmasters surf and music festival in Cornwall after injuring his leg.

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