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She has since married again, and remains married, to French non-celebrity (outside being his wife’s husband, of course) Romain Dauriac, who owns an advertising agency and is a former journalist.2001: At 17 years of age and attending the Professional Children’s School in New York City, she dated Jack Antonoff, classmate and future Grammy winner and lead singer/songwriter of Bleachers.Nothing really came of the relationship worth noting, outside of the fact that a pic of the two together shows their hairstyles have changed drastically in the past decade-and-a-half.

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That’s been fun to work on." data-reactid="31" It’s been a while since we’ve seen Harvey with a serious love interest. It was great to see him go after someone that he respected, cared for and thought there was some chemistry [with] there, and to see if he could balance out his life in some way. I loved the idea of Harvey settling down in some way and growing up.

and [to have him] take some of the onus off himself, and try and focus on somebody else for a while. I don’t feel like he’s been able to give that at work, [where] he has to put on this armor and put on this show.

I find that his relationship with Paula has been like a refuge." data-reactid="46" As Harvey’s been dating Paula, we’ve seen Donna’s feelings about Harvey come to the surface more.

The two would break up the following year.2004: After a period of apparent dating inactivity, Scarlett Johansson picked things back up with a brief fling with Jared Leto, the latest to play the role of Batman’s arch nemesis The Joker in the upcoming blockbuster co-star Josh Hartnett after the two hit it off on-set.

It was the first of Scarlett Johansson’s celebrity relationships that could be called serious.

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